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Gauge Hatch with Lock

Sampling Hatches



StorageTech Gauge Hatch Model Number 210 is a safety device that has a cover structure that incorporates a pallet/diaphragm combination and that is cooperatively associated with a pressure responsive liquid seal subassembly. The lock system prevents unauthorized access to the storage tank. They are typically mounted to a flange, which connects the vapor space of a storage tank. Gauge hatches can be set to your specifications so that the pallet assemblies in the housings open when specific pressure and vacuum levels are reached.



● StorageTech gauge hatch prevents evaporation losses.
● Protect s environment. Model Number 210 prevents green house gasses from mixing the atmosphere, and minimizes the product odors around the surrounding area.
● Gauge Hatch provides safety for your storage facility. Model Number 210 protects your storage tank.
● Provides tank access where manual level gauging, temperature measurement or sampling is required.
● Lockable cover prevents unauthorized access to the storage tank.